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On most days my alarm goes off at 6:00 a.m.  I’m not talking about the soothing melody that I hand selected to emanate from my cell phone in the morning.  I’m talking about my daughter.  Let’s call her “Bean”.  She doesn’t wake up easy.  In fact, most days she awakens in tears, wanting desperately to get out of her crib to start the day.  Now, as someone who has never considered herself a “morning person” the transition into early morning rising was a difficult one.  Most days I would stagger out of bed like a zombie and make my way to Bean’s room at a sluggish pace only to find a wide awake little girl ready to make the most of her day. 
It wasn’t until Bean and I started our “coffee dates” that I began to appreciate my newly found mornings.  No.  Bean doesn’t drink coffee.  But every morning we sit together at the kitchen table while Bean enjoys whatever breakfast I manage to scrounge up in the morning and I sip on my much needed cup of joe.  We don’t talk much (she is only 15 months old), but we do laugh a lot.  I don’t look at my phone and I don’t think about the struggles of the day.  Instead, I focus on Bean.  What are my hopes and dreams for her?  What can I do to be a better mom?  How can I imprint that smile into my memory for the rest of my life?  At some point during these coffee dates I realized a growing desire to share my morning thoughts with the rest of the world.  Thus Milk Cookies and Coffee was born. 
My hope is that mothers will visit this blog to discover and share new thoughts and ideas with one another.  Perhaps it will inspire moms to plan a coffee date of their own with their child. 


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