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Letting Go of "Mom Guilt"

This month my husband and I did something we have not done since before Bean was born 18 months ago. We took a weekend trip by ourselves. When we booked the trip in early July, I was ecstatic. The thought of sipping some sort of fruity cocktail on a beach with my freshly painted toes in the sand kept my imagination spinning for day. But, after the initial excitement wore off, I found myself experiencing something I wasn’t quite expect. Intense guilt. And that feeling was accompanied by myriad thoughts concerning surrounding my insecurities. What kind of mother leaves her child alone for days, willingly? What if something happens to her while we are gone? Or us? Will she be sad? Will she cry for her mom and dad? Do I even deserve a vacation? As hard as I tried to fight it, those feelings persisted all the way up to and during the trip.

 Don’t get me wrong—we certainly enjoyed ourselves on the trip. But the joy was often interrupted by a random thought about my daughter a…