Fun Seasonal Transitions for Kids

I'll admit it.  I'm a sucker for the season changes.  Every season brings a whole new list of foods, smells, activities, and scenery.  This is especially true if you live in the Northeast United States where the climate treats its inhabitants to four distinctive seasons.    My absolute favorite of the season changes is from summer to fall.  You get a break from the sometimes oppressive summer heat, but can still look forward to relatively mild weather for outdoor activities.  The weather is typically nice enough for the occasional iced coffee (my favorite drink of summer).  The scenery changes from the beautiful green and colorful flowers to the reds and oranges of the fall tress.  Its wonderful.  

The only negative thing about the season change is that it is time to say goodbye to some quintessential summer activities that Bean really enjoys.  No more swimming in her inflatable pool, or running through the sprinklers.  It's ok really.  I know there will be a ton of great fall activities to take the place of these things.  But, I thought it would be nice to truly celebrate the end of the season by planning some transition activities.   A way to say goodbye to summer, but also welcome fall.  My hope is that with these activities Bean would learn to love and appreciate the seasons the way that I have.  This way every time of year will be exciting in a new way.  

We did the first of these transition activities this weekend.  

We started with a day trip to the beach.  The weather is already cooling, so it was a great temperature to be out for a long chunk of time without feeling the need to seek shelter in doors.  We played with all of our sand toys and put our feet in the water.  It was a beautiful day.  But, when it came time to leave the beach we said our goodbyes.  I told Bean we probably wouldn't be back again this year, but that we would return next summer.  We waved to water and and blew kisses.  It really was quite cute.

When we got back to the house, I told Bean it was time to celebrate with a fall activity.  Being only 15 months old she probably had no idea what this meant.  But it didn't really matter.  She knew it was something to be excited about and that was enough.  Our first fall event of the years was a campfire!  I made a big deal about the preparation.  We gathered blankets, Bean's special chair, and all the fixings for S'Mores.  When the fire was finally lit, Bean was amazed.  She loved watching the light, and even though it took some time, she sat happily.  We stayed up past her bedtime and had a wonderful time.  

As Bean fell asleep I thought of a list of other fall transitional activities we could try over these last precious days of summer.  

1. Blow up baby pool in the day---Apple Pie Baking at night
2. Summer picnic during the day---apple cider making at night.
3. Lemonade Stand during the day--Paint with fall colors at night
4. Squirt gun fight during the day--Fall themed movie at night
5. Bubble blowing during the day--decorate for fall at night
6. A long walk during the day--Blanket fort building at night
7. Water balloon toss during the day--pumpkin painting at night
8. Slip n' Slide during the day--Pumpkin cookie baking at night
9. Aquarium during the day--S'more making at night
10.  Sprinklers during the day--Spooky stories by flashlight at night

This fall will certainly be a special one for Bean.  Hopefully, with these activities I can make it even more memorable.  As always, leave a comment with your summer to fall transition ideas!


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