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Essential Items for a Road Trip with a Toddler

Road trips are not always fun.Hours of driving in a tiny vehicle can be enough to make anyone miserable.Add in a screaming toddler and things just get worse.But, luckily, some good planning can ease some of this road trip pain. We take long car trips with Bean often.It is a byproduct of having far away family and a hunger to leave the city on the weekends.The numerous road trips have given me multiple opportunities to develop a good road trip routine.I developed a list to make sure that any road trip goes smoothly.We travel with the below list of items on every trip and it has been so helpful! 1.  Car Organizer This is an easy one.We purchased a car organizer for our daughter the first moment we realized that we were going to be habitually taking car trips that lasted over two hours.Our organizer has several pockets and can hold anything from books to sippy cups. Now, those of you with young children may be thinking:My child is too young for this.How will he/she reach any of the items fro…

Just the Two of Us: Tips for flying solo with your toddler

This weekend, Bean and I successfully completed a round-trip flight from New York to Pittsburgh.It was a short flight for sure, but, a daunting task nonetheless.Now, Bean isn’t altogether unfamiliar with flying.In fact, this was Bean’s third trip via airplane in just 15 months.She is becoming a pro.But, what made this trip particularly difficult is that it was just me and Bean.And, while I love the idea of having quality travel time with Bean in theory, the reality of flying solo with a squirming toddler seemed intimidating. I have flown solo with Bean once before, when she was just three months old.But, flying alone with a baby seems different than flying with a toddler.   When Bean was a baby she was consistently sleeping for long stretches and simply providing her with a bottle would keep her occupied for large chunks of time.But now Bean is a toddler.She likes to move around, and babble, and play.She has definite wants and desires and when she doesn’t get her way she can throw an e…

Far Away Family

My daughter will be close with her grandparents.This has become a mantra of sorts that I repeat to myself daily as I sit 230 miles away from Bean’s closest grandparent.My own parents live an additional 150 miles away.
Now, I haven’t truly lived at home for eleven years.I attended four years of undergraduate schooling three hours away followed by three years of law school six hours away. And, for the last four years I've been developing my career in a city seven hours away.The distance never really bothered me.But, my feelings began to change once Bean arrived.How was Bean going to develop the relationships with her grandparents that I dreamed for her if we were hundreds of miles away?And it wasn’t just about Bean's grandparents.I started to realize how separated we were from my entire immediate family.Both of Bean’s Aunts and all her cousins were back in my hometown.My own aunts and uncles as well.In fact, my husband and I were all Bean had in terms of family in our current cit…


We all want our toddlers to eat healthy, delicious meals daily.  The reality is, that preparing the Instagram worthy, perfectly-balanced meals that we dream of takes time.  And, like most moms, it can seem impossible when you are already juggling a million other things on your to do list.  That is why I decided to dedicate my first blog post to a week's worth of easy to prep toddler dinners.  These meals are aimed to be balanced while at the same time taking little prep work and cooking time.   I'm not an expert.  Just a mom.  I know that these meals would be better if I made everything from scratch and spent more time cooking.  And, in the future, I plan to have a post with more intricate meals.  But, in the meantime I hope you enjoy these quick easy meals!  Like other moms, I'm constantly looking for ways to improve.  So if you have other tips and suggestions for easy to prepare toddler meals, leave a comment and share!
Before I get to the meals themselves, here are a f…